JMAC is a Japanese born consultancy company of global presence, in Europe since 30 years ago. With recognized expertise in the innovation of busness management strategy and operations, consultants have been working to guide and support a variety of organizations aiming at reaching, keeping and increasing a managerial and organizational excellence. Thanks to the parent company and a diversified corporate group on the market by almost 80 years, the approach to business of JMAC takes inspiration from the management principles, techniques and perspectives learned from Japanese managerial and industrial tradition of kaizen and kaikaku (continuous improvement and reformation) known worldwide as the Lean Thinking.

Its roots, along with the JMA Group’s diversified businesses, make of JMAC today the sole and a very unique reliable channel for private and public organizations to access and develop any synergies between Europe and Japan. We are a partner with history and sound experience and a reliable connector – a bridge in between Asia and Europe: at country, local, or single organization level.

We can take you to the right place, anytime.

  • SLP

    The SLP (Systematic Layout Planning) methodology is developed.


    Definition and application of the SPECS (Sales Planning/ Performance Evaluation & Clinic System) method for supporting business development initiatives.  

  • JMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC)

    The management consulting business is spun off from the Japan Management Association (JMA) into a newco named JMA Consultants (JMAC) –  

  • KI® – a visual approach to project management

    Mr. Okada of JMAC Inc. (Tokyo) develops the KI-Visible Planning®  (Knowledge Intensive Staff Innovation Plan) especially effective for multi-project management.

  • Book publication: TPM©, Kaizen, 5S, etc.

    JMAC publishes in Europe many among the first professional literature on management methodologies like the TPM, 5S and continuous improvement (kaizen).

  • First Karakuri Kaizen fair worldwide

    First annual fair dedicated to low cost engineering solutions under the name of Karakuri Kaizen: held in Nagoya (by JIPM – a JMA Group Company)

  • DPI – Dealer Process Improvement

    JMAC begins to provide advice and training support to the Toyota distribution network in Europe, with the implementation of the TPS principles throughout the dealers’ network    

  • Eco-Eco Management

    Written by Akira Koudate, the book “Eco-Eco Management” displays an approach to corporate sustainability based on both the environmental and economic management perspectives.

  • Minamoto Sekkei® – a dynastic design approach

    JMAC coins a methodology for product development called Dynastic Design Approach, or Minamoto Sekkei®, to avoid reworks and mistake recurrence

  • Kart Factory® Opening

    Inauguration of the Kart Factory® in Italy: a simulated factory in which to learn with practice using an assembly line of pedal karting for adults. A mobile setup allows you to place equipment and perform training sessions wherever space allows. Further openings abroad have followed in East Europe and Japan.

  • Service Factory Opening

    Creation of the Service Factory training offer: an experiential Lean training for the service companies and indirect business functions.

  • The Kart Factory® goes global

    The Kart Factory by JMAC® spreads to several countries with international editions: Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Hungary, Malaysia … and Japan!  

  • Lean Sales Offer

    JMAC Europe develops an innovative approach for an effective application of the Lean principles to the sales and marketing management.

  • Europe-Japan Business Matching

    Launch of the new Europe-Japan Business Matching service in collaboration with the Legal Advisory Team of R&P Legal

  • IoT 7 Tools®

    Development of 7 tools for IoT applications; trademark registration with Public records in Japan and Europe. See the IoT lab section from homepage top bar.

  • Kart Factory® relocation

    New location to host the Kart Factory®, IoT solutions showroom and many more experiential training activities (JMAC Dojo)

  • 30th Anniversary of JMAC Europe

    Thirtieth anniversary for JMAC Europe: a story full of people and experiences open to the realization of value with business organizations.

  • Staufen. and JMAC join forces

    the union of two realities well grounded in the most industrialized countries long history of both with a successes and expertise accrued in the field

The JMA Group

Japan Management Association, as of today the main association of Japanese companies with over 2,500 member companies, was founded in 1942 in Tokyo on the initiative of the Japanese  Ministry of Trade & Industry.

JMAC’s mission has been and is to contribute to the economic and managerial development of industrial and service companies.

Over the years, JMA has given birth to various companies specialized in different fields, in order to more effectively support the growth of the Japanese industrial enterprises. Nowadays the JMA group concretely promotes the business development by activities of consultancy, research, training and information support.

The JMA group headcount totals 1,800 employees.

JMAC in figures

For more than 30 years an authoritative global reference for management consulting





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JMAC Korea is a consulting company which has an exclusive brand license agreement with JMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC) in Korea.

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