Sales Plan®

The Sales Plan® is an integrated planning and communication system that involves the entire sales chain, while chasing continuous improvement based on a PDCA thinking.

To make sure that the company strategy does not remain a mere exercise far from the operational facts, medium-term objectives should be deployed into short and operational objectives.

By means of top-down and bottom-up catchball methods, a clear deployment of the strategic objectives can be performed, and the adoption of a PDCA approach in the management of sales and marketingl activities can foster the achievement of the following practices:

  • Management “by process” and with a responsibility for the final result (Value for the customer and for the company)
  • Constant search for opportunities of commercial expansion (potential)
  • Act with proactive logic (make things happen)
  • Control performance in terms of continuous improvement shared and disseminated in the organization (from individual to team).

Our intervention approach is intended for BtoB business contexts.  Its purposes are the:

  • Creation of an integrated and customized planning tool matching the client’s operational needs through methods of involvement and sharing of all commercial resources (Flow)
  • Development of an information management structure able to manage the communication flows in a systematic and continuous way, while collecting hints and information about the needs coming from the Customers and market (Value)
  • Alignment of the operational priorities along the entire value stream: “synchronized” operations along with a customer-driven perspective, involving, if necessary, the entire distribution chain with specific programs (Pull)
  • Support during the phases of implementation, dissemination and consolidation of the methodology by tutoring programs focused on the reasons and tools  (Perfection).